Thursday, October 27, 2011

Autmn breeze 3 !

Hey guys ! This is the last set for the Autmn breeze collection ... Don't forget to check out my polyvore !
So i know .. i know.. i went a little crazy with the feather skirt and it doesn't really say Autmn but i was in lack of inspiration then i saw the skirt and all the rest came by itself :P
if you have any suggestions of something or somebody that you'd like me to post about it , please do comment and tell me !
 the Make up pallette you see at the bottom , is a Guerlain "champ Elysee" wich one of my Bff's offered it to me for my birthday few weeks ago ! This pallette is AMAZING ! Love the colors ! And again , big thank you to my bff for that amazing gift ! i do recommand to chek it out ;)

Hope you guys liked it and i'll see you soon ;)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Autmn breeze 2 !

Hey guys :)
 So this is my second post about my Autmn breeze collection ! ( check out my Polyvore  ;) )
So this set is more of a casual night out , or on a date , i was inspires by the orange color of the dress , and i went with some very discrete accesories , in a beige tone ( beige accesories are in vogue this season ;) )
Hope you guys liked it ;)
See you soon !

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mini-Haul !

Hey guys :) It's been a while since i've posted a post ;) i'm very busy lately . I was at the mall last week and i bought these few things , nothing special , tell me what you think in a comment ;)

As long as it is not for a homework i'm willing to read a book :}
I love this bag , it has this Mulberry touch that i love !

This owl ring is amazing , i did a post about it last september Here ! 

Love this rhinstone ring ! ( i love everything haha x} ) it screams Autmn !

Last but not least a crocodile ring .

Hope you guys liked ;)