Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer and the city 3 !

Third and last set ! This set is a every day , something that every girl should have like a loose croped top and a short with a nice shoulder back and converse ! I LOVE that Owl ring !
Hope you guys like this set . Thank you
`Queenbee~ <3

Summer and the city 2 !

This is my second set of summer and the city :)
This time i chose a beautiful Floral patern dress and matched it with nude accesorise . Cateyes sunglasses are this years Top trend! As for the make-up , i chose a brown palete from Lancome , chic but not over the top with a beautiful pink lipstick !
Hope you like it and i'll be posting more before the end of summer :)
Thank you

Top 5 favorite summer songs !

Here are my top 5 favorite songs of summer 2011 :)
1- Adel : rolling in the deep
2Coldplay:every teardrop is a waterfall
3-Cee lo green :bright lights
4-Red hot Chelle : Tonight Tonight
5-Pitbull ft Neyo : Give me everything

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tomas Sabo Charm Club !

Tomas Sabo charm bracelets are one of the CUTEST charm bracelets i have ever seen .they might be a little pricy but they are worth it .And you can find any design that you want . Like a Lipstick or a Pineaple , Handbags ,etc.. And a lot *lot* more ! Here are a few pictures that i found on the internet .( ofcourse you don't have to fill your bracelet with that much charms , 4-6 are enough :) If you're not a bracelet person you can choose the necklace , or if you want a charm for your phone , or earings :
This was the barbie collection *Cute*

The Disney charms *My favorite*

The necklace *Heart if you like 70's retro chic glasses*
Here are the charms i own :)
 For my first set i wanted something that reminds me of summer :)
 Second set is more all-seasons , because my first one is too much *summer*
Hope  you liked it ,

Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer and the city !

My first Polyvor set :) I hope you'll like .Summer is coming to a end and i wanted to create this little casual everyday outfit before it ends . Chic and Simple , mixing different colors together , creating a beautiful harmony , simple and fresh colors !
Hope you like it and i'll be posting more Outfits as soon as possible
Thank you !