Thursday, September 29, 2011

Favorite Perfums !

Hey guys , how you doin ? So todays post is about Perfums ! * got 2 love perfum * i never leave my house whithout wearing perfum ! * Perfum expresses your personality ;  my favorite one are the one with the rose scent , i think that they suit everybody's personnality . so here are my favorites * witch i also recommend for any body :) ( and i also like fruity perfums , especialy in summer ! ) The one that i am using right now is La Parisienne by YSL , Love this perfum , amazing !  but my Favorite of all the perfums i have ever tried would be Lola by Marc jacobs . THE BEST ! can't wait to try the new on OH ! Lola , by M. Jacobs ! *big fan*
La parisienne by YSL <3
All time favorite , Lola by M.Jacobs

Viva la Juicy by Juicy coututre ( favorite fruity scent ) ;)

I forgot the name of this one ! But it's by lolita lempicka ! It makes me wanna eat apples all day long !
Last but not least , Tresor in love by Lancome !
Hope you guys liked it ;)
see you soon
xx Queenbee96

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Autmn breeze !

Autmn breeze

Hey guys :)) so this is a new set and also a new collection *yayyyy**clapclap* ( hope you liked the last one ;) ) So the new sets will be ofcourse about Atumn and here is my first set ! so i went for the clasic , loose top jegging , longchamp bag , Ugg * <3 * Owl necklace and beaded bracelets , witch are my favorite this season ! so i hope you guys liked this set and i'll be posting more soon ;)
xo ~Queenbee ~

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Random pics :P

Owl accesories !

Hey guys :) SO this is a post about Owl accesories witch is a big trend is year and i ABSOLUTLY LOVE IT ! so here are few pictures i found ;) ( the first one is mine :P )

Hope you guys liked it ;)
xo ~Queenbee96~

Friday, September 9, 2011

Alexa Bag !

Hey guys :) How you doin' ? Lately i've been a lot on the internet searching for a new bag , i'm like obsessed with handbags especialy with the Alexa bag by Mulberry ! ( one of my favorite Handbag designer ) so this are few pictures of the alexa bag , my favorite one of the moment !

Hope you guys liked it :)
Xo ~Queenbee~
(ps: What's your favorite bag ? :D )

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to school !

Hey guys :)
So i made this new *Back to school * set
Hope you like it :)