Saturday, June 2, 2012

Trend alert ! High-Low hemline skirt !

Hey guys ! how are you all doing ? ( i know it is been a while ;) ) Happy summer ! <3
Recently , i have been seeing a lot of new trends going on and one off them have caught my eyes ; and it's the high-low hemline skirt . Basically it's a skirt that is short from the front and long from the behind ( some are super long like a maxi dress or some are just above the behind of the knee) I don't know why but i LOVE this trend ! i think that it is a very unique piece to have and it can add a lot of caractere or attitude to one's outifit :) i myself have put my hands on a few like this pretty mint green one from Zara and also a dress  ( witch btw i am also obssesed with the Mint color , it's so fresh and very summery ! )

The floral one in the fifth picture is definitly my favorate ! ( if only i could get my hands on it !! )
Hope you guys liked it ;)

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