Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer favorites !

Summer is all around ! one of my favorite seasons of the year.There is nothing better then laying in front of the pool and watch the blue skye ( unless if you are like me and you can't get your Blackberry (or Iphone , ...) of of your hands! ;D) Hope you are all having a very great summer , because it's gonnabe over in less then a few weeks :(
I really don't know what to talk about so i thought i could make you a list of my favorite clothe,products, etc..that i bought this summer!
 That is by faaaaaaaaaaar ; the prettiest necklace i've ever owned ! it's sooo pretty! It was actually a gift from my mother for my (almost ) 16ths  birthday.It's by Tiffany&co. andi wearit everysingle day :) 
 I actually don't buy many perfums  at the same time but there were  lots of good perfums this summer ! This one is "Eau de parfum" by Chloe , and it smell roses :) ( wich are my favorite perfum scent ! )it's very summery and light .
 this one was a unexpected choice ( by me) because like i said i only pick flower sented perfums and this one has nothing "flowery" in it , and i actually like it;) ( change is good !)it's from Ralph Lauren"Big pony collection"in #1. It's actually a citruss scent combined with lotus . I really liked it because it's light and very! fresh , especially in the morning so it's definitly gonna be a "essential"  in my school bag ;)
 this is my new baby <3 ( after my Blackberry OFC !) so this year ( at school ) it's going to be very serious and difficult and we write alot of SA's ,and i do them on laptop,so my laptop ( the other one ) is kind of Big , and veryy sloww! And i can't put it in ANY of my bags .. and sometimes it recuires me to take my computer to school.So i chose this cute laptop from HP , it's the HPmini and has beats bu dre audio built in it ;)
 At frist swap , i wasn't really sure if to or not to take this lipgloss because on my hand it looked like a *gorgeous* strong tangerine color that i wouldn't personnaly wear, but then i went with my guts and took it , and was really suprised once i tried it on my lips ! The color was naturally gorgeous and like rosy pink/tangerine , sooo pretty ! So i am glad i took it !
 I have waited mooonths and moonths this lipstick collection by Lancome and i finnaly got he chance to put my hands on one of them ! I got "coquelicot in love" by the "rouge in love" collection
 I don't know how they call this necklaces , lot likes them,others don't .This one is from Zara, and i can't wait to dress it up with my fave pullover this winter ^^
 You may know them and you may not know them, but "les tropeziennes" aka Gladiator sandals,has been a huge trend since last year ! I chose a earthtone color so that it matches with most of my outfits :) There really simple and get dress an outfit or a dress very nicely
 This year, Coral polish is a very big trend ( and also one of my favorite colors ;) This one is "Coraille in love" by Lancome.
one of y new fashion obssessions latelyhas been Moterbicke leather jackets , and so i found this cute one from Zara . It also came in Beige ;)(plus it has studdes around the neckline and the wrists ,even more edgy ! )

Hope you guys liked it;)
See you soon


  1. Oh. my! I had the same obsessions recently too!
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    Hope to hear from you soon
    Ally O

  2. your summer favorites are so spot on. id wear it all and use it all in a heartbeat, especially the lipstick and the necklace!


    1. Thank you ;D <3 that red lipstick is to die for isn't it ?

  3. love the red lipstick!

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    Thank you :)

  4. Wow! Leather jacket is great, love it.
    Would you like to follow each other?

  5. Thank you for your comment on my blog dear!! Sorry for my absence, I was on holiday!
    Love the red lipstick, an evergreen!
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